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The Captains’s Connection is a Maine based seed company established in 2013 by @cookiemaine in honor of his brother Ryan that was tragically killed in 2013. The Captain’s Connection created award winning strains such as Blissful Wizard and Girl Scout Glue, keeping his brothers AKA “The Captains” legacy alive. Blissful Wizard won 1st place 2015 LA High Times Cannabis Cup with its Non-Solvent Hash. Blissful Wizard tests at 32-36% THC and has been written about in High Times as the “Worlds Most Potent Strain”.

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 In light of the varying State and local laws The Captain’s Connection makes no representations as to the legality of your purchase. The purchase and acquisition of Seeds may be a violation of the local or State laws of your jurisdiction. The Captain’s Connection suggests consulting with a legal professional prior to the purchase of any Seeds. Any and all Seeds sold by The Captain’s Connection are considered ornamental in nature and for collection purposes only. Any SEEDS used for cultivation purposes is done at your own risk and should only be done in countries where the law permits. The Captain’s Connection takes no responsibility for the use of SEEDS in a manner inconsistent with local, State and Federal law. Any information provide by The Captain’s Connection is done solely for the purpose of education and not intended to promote the use of The Captain’s Connection in an illegal manner.